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In the coming years, the pedestrian zone in the center of Brussels will be extended.

(see first picture: in green the current pedestrians streets, in red the coming ones)

It means that the look and the face of the heart of the city will be completely changed! The Mayor wants to follow the example of Times Square.

A group of people who live or work in the center came up with an idea of “Anspark” (a portmanteau word from the name of the main boulevard “Anspach”), and draw some plans (second picture).

If you want to read more about their plans and ideas here is the pdf where the image came from.


These Maps Redraw Cities Based On How Long It Takes To Get Around Without A Car

The heat maps can easily tell you how far away two points are at a glance, to let you know how long your walk is going to be.

"These maps show how long it takes to get everywhere else via walking and public transit," Hardin writes in an email. "This allows you to make some important comparisons, such as ‘if I move here, I can reach half the city in 50 minutes if I start at 8 a.m.’" His paper explains more of the technical details.

The ethnographer has spent four years on an epic quest to crisscross the city, walking all five boroughs, all 120,000 city blocks. He compares himself to a marathoner, regularly pulling out the statistic that his research has taken him the distance from New York to L.A. and back, plus another 900 miles, the equivalent of a side jaunt to St. Louis.

One Sociologist’s Epic Quest: Walk New York City, All 120,000 Blocks (via theatlanticcities)