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I don’t think we’re competing with hotels because many people who stay with me wouldn’t stay in a hotel, either because a hotel is too expensive or because they’re looking for a different experience entirely. And these people contribute enormously to the local economy.

Raffaele on the benefits of renting out rooms on Airbnb. 

But what is the impact of room-sharing services like Airbnb on cities? Read more in our latest post. 


Poor doors: the segregation of London’s inner-city flat dwellers

Poorer residents in capital’s developments forced to use different entrances and facilities
Left, the luxury lobby of One Commercial Street, marketed to wealthy City workers. Right, the side-alley entrance reserved for affordable housing tenants. Photographs: Sarah Lee 

Think the ‘poor door’ phenomenon is US-only? Think again. It’s happening in London too. 

We are here to protect our right to participate in the economy and protect our income.

Never has something as innocent as renting out a room in one’s home to tourists become so controversial. While some say it’s helping build a “sharing economy”, others claim it’s fuelling a lucrative underground economy, promoting the evasion of taxes and contributing to an acute shortage of affordable housing.

For the past two years, Raffaele has been renting out the largest room in his 3rd floor, Barcelona flat to tourists.

This bed and breakfast has been his saviour.

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Currywurst City: Berlin

Currywurst is one of the defining foods of Berlin, and Konnopke’s Imbiss played a key role in making that happen.  It opened in 1930, underneath U-Bahn tracks in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, and has been serving the saucy sausages to hungry visitors from all over since.

I learned about it while watching a Bourdain episode, and knew that I had to make it a destination when traveling to Berlin.  The food may not be for everyone - I’m pretty sure it grows on you more each time you try it - but the setting and cultural importance makes for a unique urban experience.  I always love when food serves as an activator and connector of otherwise awkward public spaces.

Photos taken April, 2014

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