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Project by: Margie Ruddick

Transforming the tangle of infrastructure at the gateway to New York’s Long Island City into a lush green corridor welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists. For the New York City Department of City Planning and Economic Development Corporation. With Marpillero Pollak, Michael Singer Studio, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, WRT

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LA to Replace Dangerous Intersection with Roundabout


Proposed roundabout will be the city’s first


By Ash Blankenship

In Los Angeles a traffic intersection known as Cinco Puntos has long been considered busy and confusing. To improve traffic flow and safety, the city plans to replace the four-street intersection with LA’s first roundabout.

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Interesting stuff. The roundabout is an extremely common concept in many places in the world, and if increased traffic flow is the goal, then it cannot be beat. But it can be much harder for cyclists, and a lot harder for pedestrians to cross as well, when not designed optimally. Here’s hoping LA residents can adjust!