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LA to Replace Dangerous Intersection with Roundabout


Proposed roundabout will be the city’s first


By Ash Blankenship

In Los Angeles a traffic intersection known as Cinco Puntos has long been considered busy and confusing. To improve traffic flow and safety, the city plans to replace the four-street intersection with LA’s first roundabout.

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Interesting stuff. The roundabout is an extremely common concept in many places in the world, and if increased traffic flow is the goal, then it cannot be beat. But it can be much harder for cyclists, and a lot harder for pedestrians to cross as well, when not designed optimally. Here’s hoping LA residents can adjust!

One of my friends practically lives in her car. The car has become an extension of her home. She has a wardrobe in the back seat with a change of clothes, a selection of shoes, whatever she might need throughout the day or night… She leaves home in the morning plain-faced and puts on her makeup as she travels to work. When she hits a red light, she does one eye. At the next red light, she does the other. By the time she gets to work she’s presentable!

Sue, a 30-year-old Bangkokian, looks back on how the city’s approach to transport has changed over the last three decades.

As Americans grapple with a wide range of societal problems like obesity and other health issues, traffic gridlock and reduced family time, and socially isolated city-centers, we might stop to ask how we got this way and how we can change.

In our new article, Christopher Breggren looks overseas for the solution to the challenges faced by many US cities.