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Almost by accident, @hugoleonrojito ended up creating an alternative transportation system for “Twitteros” – Bogota’s hardcore Twitter users. Deciding to bet on the quality of service and his role as a model driver, @Hugoleonrojito used Twitter to break the barrier between taxi drivers and citizens.

Imagine if you could book a taxi simply by tweeting a taxi driver. 

Imagine no more.

We have drinking water in great quality for the rich, and water tanks for the poor. We can’t allow that inequality to continue any longer. We shouldn’t settle for drinking water within 100 metres from the home, people in Latin America should have drinking water in their home not once a week but all day, every day.

José Carrera, Development Bank of Latin America

Crime Prevention in Latin American Cities

Just as the crime problems in Latin American cities in Guatemala and Mexico are not always homegrown and have transnational influences, the effects of crime go beyond social unrest and insecurity and can negatively impact development. Ironically, the negative effects of crime on economic development create further systemic violence in communities exacerbating path dependencies in poverty and crime…