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This Big City on tumblr is your source for ideas that can make cities better. It is curated by Joe Peach and Lucas Lindsey.

Joe founded This Big City in 2009. He is a Marketing professional and works in one of London's most sustainable buildings.

Lucas is an urbanist, futurist, and blogger. He's the child of a suburban nation, but born again believer in an urban future. He lives in Tallahassee, USA.

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Turning a street in Bristol into a giant water slide : urban bricolage can bring lots of fun!

I like the way participants have a look of pleasure and fear in their eyes. they seem to slide in and out of control with their body and forces of gravity. personally, I found the little adrenalin rush you get at the end, quite addictive.’ Luke Jerram

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Energy Crousel | Ecosistema Urbano Architects | Via

The Centre for Visual Arts in Dordrecht In cooperation with the Amsterdam design bureau Carve invited 10 European design firms to develop inventive, resourceful and multi-age friendly playful objects to complete the design for the new public space, the Governeursplein square in the city of Dordrecht. Ecosistema Urbano’s “energy carousel” was one of the winning proposals chosen to be implemented.


Everyone is invited to participate in Improv In Toronto’s 7th Annual Subway Dance Party. This is a silent dance party on the subway. Please bring your OWN MUSIC on an ipod, mp3 player, walkman or what have you. NO BOOMBOXES (these are illegal on the subway) When we get on the subway we will start dancing one by one, until the whole train is dancing (seemingly to no music).


Within the project of renovation of Lower Marsh Market, London’s oldest market, Aberrant Architecture has just designed a blue multi-purposed mobile stall, reusing the structure of a trailer chassis. It is a local information point, with a covered seating area, where to talk and play chess, and a tiny stage for events.  

It looks like a prime location for some epic arm wrestling matches too! :D

With Cities in One Word I want to provide a platform where people can challenge their individual perception of cities and relate their own sentiments to a “collective image” of each city. I hope that the website will encourage people to learn more about cities, and about the image of the city they are living in or are in love with.

Christian Mettke on his new website which asks visitors to describe a city in just one word.