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A driver doing a year’s typical 8,500 miles of motoring could save almost £1,000 in petrol costs at today’s prices and around two tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Rod McKie, CEO of Welcome Break, on switching to electric cars. Read the full article on This Big City.


Welcome Break公司執行長Rod McKie論及電動車的效益。全文請見《城事》。

There was a chance for one of the most maligned transportation cities in America to get some much-needed kudos but instead what we got was 56 hours of an ultimately intangible alternate universe where there are no cars and, strangely, there are no people.

Theodore Brown on Carmageddon

Congestion Pricing: Not Coming Soon to a US City Near You

In 2007, the United States Department of Transportation selected five metropolitan areas it considered suitable for congestion charging projects. The idea was simple – charge private road users to enter city centres, reducing congestion and raising funds in the process. But four years on and progress is less than positive. New York city has twice thrown out plans for a congestion charge, and San Francisco is waiting until 2015 to begin its trial period. When the most enthusiastic response involves waiting four years, you know it’s not good news…

The amount of traffic on the street you live can impact the amount of friends you have in the world, according to this video based around the work of Donald Appleyard.

His studies on three different streets in San Francisco showed that just the presence of cars, along with the noise and risk they introduce, crushes the sense of community in an area.

This video comes via Street Films who have loads of great content worth watching.

By Joe Peach

We can’t just go out tomorrow digging up roads and knocking down houses to build Cycling Super Highways and likewise we can’t go on living in low-density suburbia dependent on the car for all of our journeys. We really have to think seriously about how we plan, build and sustain our towns and cities into the future.

Transport planner Rachel Smith imagines a world where extra wide cycle lanes rule the road. Download a PDF of her work here.