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We are here to protect our right to participate in the economy and protect our income.

Never has something as innocent as renting out a room in one’s home to tourists become so controversial. While some say it’s helping build a “sharing economy”, others claim it’s fuelling a lucrative underground economy, promoting the evasion of taxes and contributing to an acute shortage of affordable housing.

For the past two years, Raffaele has been renting out the largest room in his 3rd floor, Barcelona flat to tourists.

This bed and breakfast has been his saviour.

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The most innovative urbanism passes through recycling, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Urbanism is understood now as collaborative micro-actuations that, together, encourage a deeper change about living in the city. Urban design pays attention not only in form, but also in how social relationships flow, perceptions, uses, and especially to the needs of new spaces for sociability, creativity and production.

Tere García Alcaraz on urban activation in Barcelona

'Barcelona is ready for innovation, and wants to become a smart city.'

This video is a few weeks old now, but it’s a really great idea that’s worth sharing again. Instead of street lights that are always on, Barcelona has installed these motion sensitive lights on one of their streets - providing lighting only when someone is nearby.

Initially, I was a little concerned by this idea. A well-lit street is a safer street, but these lights have a broad enough range to provide lighting in advance of someone walking under them so my concerns were short-lived.

This video is part of GOOD’s series 'Cities Rethought', and as shown by comments in the original article, the idea has been met with some pretty rapturous feedback.

By Joe Peach