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Joe founded This Big City in 2009. He is a Marketing professional and works in one of London's most sustainable buildings.

Lucas is an urbanist, futurist, and blogger. He's the child of a suburban nation, but born again believer in an urban future. He lives in Tallahassee, USA.

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Mass urbanization presents an amazing opportunity to get more people cycling: 30% of urban trips are less than 3km (1.86 miles) and more than half of all trips are less than 5km (3.1 miles).

The European Cyclist’s Federation on the potential of urban cycling.


- 「歐洲單車騎士聯盟」說明都市單車潛力

In theory it could help increase participation and prevent disputes. A future where contractors use social media for customer engagement on a project-by-project basis certainly makes sense, and could well be on the cards.

Michael Willoughby thinks social media can be used to make buildings more sustainable. Read all about it on This Big City.


Michael Willoughby認為,社會媒體有助於永續建築。全文請見《城事》。